BAB 2017: 18-25.12.2017/ Yugoslav Film Archive, Belgrade

BAB 2017: 18-25.12.2017,
Yugoslav Film Archive, Belgrade

Balkan Architectural Biennale – BAB is an architectural-cultural platform: BALKAN UNLIMITED that seeks to enlighten main  topics in the field melting boundaries among Balkan countries connecting with global trends intersisciplinary. The overall topic of BAB 2017 is “Balkan Patterns in Architecture &Urbanism”

BAB consits of multiple interconected modules that seeks to bound academia and practice in the field of architecture and urbanism aiming  to make crucial qualitative changes in the field promoting tolerance, transparency and cultural synergy.


  1. Ana

    I’m architecture student and I want to attend the BAB. Is anything required and how can I participate?

    • admin

      Hello Ana. BAB is consisted of five different segments – architectural exhibition, international conference, investment fair, designer exhibition and BAB Cinema, with additional programme throughout the year. You can participate one particular event, like exhibition, by submitting your work, you can visit Biennale, and you can volunteer. What are you interested in?

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